We provide engineering, supply, installation and maintenance of digital TV transmission platforms, consultancy for modifications, amplifiers, modulators, demodulators, radiant systems, filters, encoders, multiplexers, plant-studio links.

Our logistic capacity with stock of the main products, allows us to speed up the processes giving a fast and effective response to the specific needs of each client.

Satellital Telecommunications Connectivity Infrastructure

We supply the technology, facilities for the satellite data connection access network. We have construction services and infrastructure adaptations, air conditioning equipment, energy equipment and the support of qualified personnel.

We are able to provide specialized technical advice in designing, building and implementing: equipment rooms, power room, antenna installation, RF and IF cabling, fiber optic cabling, supply of air conditioning and UPS equipment, acceptance tests with professional and careful attention.

Data Center Design & Implementation

We offer optimal implementation of your data center. We include the entire range of data centre design and construction activities, from planning the construction of new data centres as a turnkey solution to remodelling or repowering.

Data centers are physical spaces which contain networked server facilities, storage systems and/or backup systems, contain rows of cabinets, each with servers and other components of a company's ICT infrastructure, with optimal power supply conditions, protection and strict security measures.

Access Control System

We offer our clients a flexible and secure system to efficiently control each access point to their building.
Our access control solution allows you to filter the entry of people and vehicles to a building, applying admission policies such as schedules and authorized entry and exit doors

Access control systems combine hardware and software to control the entry points of a secure building or property. ACEGS offers its experience and professionalism when it comes to meeting the access control needs of various industries.

Wired and Wireless Communications

We have a wide range of infrastructure solutions in networks for wired and wireless data, with the support and experience of the technical and engineering group ACE Global Solutions, certified by the manufacturers of structured cabling elements of the most recognized brands in the international field.

We design, develop and deliver infrastructure solutions for structured cabling of copper and optical fiber with products that meet quality standards worldwide, providing the most appropriate alternative for organizations that require us.

CCTV & CATV Systems Installation

Our video surveillance camera installation service is a simple and effective way to prevent theft and crime in your personal environment, your business or company.

Our comprehensive options for security surveillance systems are an excellent way to cover the area you need in an efficient and cost-effective way. These security camera system solutions are ideal configurations for any residential or commercial environment.