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The Company

ACE Global Solutions Group is a company established in 2006 in the city of Virginia, United States of America. We are based on the growing need of the North American market to provide different services and solutions in the area of telecommunications.

Likewise, according to the interest of successfully attending the great demand of services and systems of telecommunications of the financial, commercial, industrial and governmental sectors that require to maintain and to improve their levels of competition and growth, it has decided to invest its efforts in creating and consolidating a company able to provide the products and services more adapted for the companies and institutions of the country.

Subsequently, there was the opportunity to open operations to other countries, being Peru and Chile where we could expand operations and gain customers.

In 2008 the company was renamed Ace Global Solutions. In a step of expansion towards other countries.


We dedicate our efforts to provide services for telecommunications systems using advanced technology according to our clients requirements, in several areas (data transmission, equipment installations, radio communications systems installations, satellite communication). We aim to have a good integration of systems to a constantly growing market of customers, which require the use of a solid telecommunications infrastructure that allows them to move towards new horizons in a safe and coordinated way.

In this particular, Ace Global Solutions has been careful to establish its commercial relationships with equipment suppliers that handle state-of-the-art technology in their specialty and that continuously maintain research programs for the development of new products and the consolidation of existing ones.

Ace Global Solutions has executed large turnkey projects and has had to support its clients in various aspects such as technical advice, commercial advice, project implementation and post-project assistance.


Ace Global Solutions has successfully positioned itself at a leadership level, due to its ability to conduct large projects on time and within budget.
In addition, with the experience of the company's personnel, it forms an organization with solid experience in the world of services for operators in telecommunications, public and private institutions, which makes the difference at the time of being chosen as a provider of integral solutions.
That is why our clients give us their confidence in the execution of their projects, since they have been able to verify and be sure of having made the right choice in the achievement of their goals and sales objectives, as well as in the conquest of new markets.